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CowDog & Sassy Cat Pet Boarding is more than a place to leave your pet while you are on vacation.  Your pets are a part of of our family. Our goal to is make certain that your dog or cat is loved and cared for while you are away. Our home is their home. While your away you can view your pet through our PetCams. 
Please stop by and get a tour at any time during our business hours.  If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 512-352 PETS
All Pet Boarding Accommodations include:

Spacious indoor climate controlled private rooms.

PetCams to view your pets

Soft music at night played for relaxation

Three to four playtime/bathroom  breaks daily in large outdoor area

Daily monitoring and wellness checks by our PetCare team to ensure our guests are enjoying themselves during their stay.

Meals served twice daily or as requested. (Blue Buffalo, our house brand or bring your own)
Comfy bedding, toys and bowls provided or bring what makes them feel at home

Family pets can stay together

Playtime activities and VIP activity packages available

Lavish your pet with gourmet treats, pampering brush-outs,Tidy-Up Baths and spa packages.

Dog Boarding Requirements:

We accept non-aggressive housebroken guests over the age of 9 months who have been approved for boarding membership.  Rottweilers and Pit Bulls are welcome upon approval.  If your pet is between 6 and 9 months, give us a call to discuss.  We occasionally make exceptions to the age rule for special cases.

Boarding Agreement:
We must have a boarding application/agreement on file prior to boarding your dog.  Click HERE to fill out an online boarding agreement for your dog. We’ll need a copy of your dog’s vaccination records

We require that all pet owners provide a veterinarian receipt to prove the dog is current on the following:
Distemper (DHLPP), Rabies, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

Male Dogs: 
We prefer that all male dogs must be neutered, however special cases will be considered.  

Female Dogs:
We will accept female dogs that have not been spayed as long as they are not in season.

Medications and Veterinary Care: 
If your pet requires medication, please provide a detailed list of medications and dosages and we will be glad to administer what is needed for an additional charge of $4 per day.

Special Needs and Geriatric Pets:
We appreciate and cater to guests with special needs.  Geriatric pets, physical handicaps, medical conditions/medication, separation anxiety, special diets or allergies, fear of thunder or fireworks…the list goes on and on!  To us pets are just hairy people, and they all have their quirks and special traits!  We are not only accustomed to to this, but we appreciate individuality!

What to Bring: 
1.We feed a Blue Buffalo dog food, however if you prefer to bring your own, please use individual ziplocs for each days' portions.

2.You do not need to bring bowls unless you have a special needs dispenser.  All of our dog bowls are stainless steel and sanitized between use.

3. Please bring the original medicine container and written instructions so that we can dispense medicine properly.

4. We provide large comfortable dog pillows and/or blankets. You may bring your dogs own bedding, if so desired.

5. Chew toys such as antlers or Kong products. The key is that these items must not pose a danger to your dog when left unattended.   Rawhide DOES pose a choking risk, and so we do not dispense rawhide to dogs in our care...

6. If you have a younger dog, please do NOT bring small stuffed animals that could be destroyed or swallowed.  We recognize that some mature dogs have favorite stuffed toys, and these are allowed – we work on a case by case basis because we know that some dogs love their “babies”.   If your dog could chew or destroy the toy, please leave it at home.Durable toys such as Kongs that are made of hard plastic are welcome.  Balls are never allowed in the kennel run under any circumstances as they present a swallow hazard.

7. Leash and collar. If you have a relatively inexpensive leash or collar, bring those. Please print your pets name on the leash and collar. We make every effort to make sure that they don't get lost or misplaced, but sometimes they do. 

Our Cat Condos are dog-free, quiet, and peaceful for the comfort of our finicky feline friends!
Individual or multi-guest suites available.
Special attention is given to shy and elderly kitties!

 We happily accept box-trained strictly-indoor cats over the age of six months that have been approved for boarding membership.  All male cats must be neutered to be considered for boarding.

Boarding Agreement
: We must have a boarding application/agreement on file prior to boarding your cat.  Click HERE to fill out an online boarding agreement for your cat. We’ll need a copy of your cat’s vaccination records. 

We require that all pet owners provide a veterinarian receipt to prove the cat is current on the following: 

 FVRCP, Rabies, and Leukemia.

Veterinarian Care and Medications:
 We are trained to provide minor first aid and routine examinations and injections if need be.  If your cat is taking medication, please write out a detailed list of dosages and times, and we will be glad to administer what is needed for an additional charge of $4 per day. All medications must be in original prescription bottle.

What to Bring: 
Kitties need to bring their own food or use our house food, Blue Buffalo at $3/day/cat. We provide clean litterboxes and clay litter. If your cat only uses scoopable, please pack it with them.  We urge cat owners to bring whatever they feel will make their pets most comfortable:  treats, familiar toys, a cozy blanket. Our condos are equpped with scratch posts, toys, and perches. We want your finicky feline to feel right at home!
Cat Boarding Requirements:

For more information on how to prepare you dog or cat for boarding CLICK HERE